Tiger Point Lonavala

Tiger point Lonavala

About Tiger point Lonavala

Tiger Point Lonavala which is at 650m height. It is also know as Tigers’s leap by most of the foreigners offers an amazing view of greenery. It is also know for lakes, waterfalls and forests which are surrounded by the mountain. Now you must be thinking as to why it is named as Tiger’s point…..any guess?????

I am sure you must be right and you must be thinking that it definitely must be resembling a tiger or surrounded by tigers. Yesss you are correct it actually resembles a tiger’s shape and that is why it got its name. A place well known for the monsoon season. Trust me if you visit the place you will be spell bounded by the peace and coolness it has during nights. With the clouds passing over your head and it feels like you are in heaven. Also, with the minimum visibility of what you see during night.

Things to do at Tiger point Lonavala

Recently, I got lucky to travel to this place after getting a leave from my busy schedule in office. I went there along with my friends and visited Tiger Point Lonavala. Around 11.00 PM we reached and it took 30 mins for us to reach Tiger Point Lonavala from Khandala. And if you are coming from Pune then it will take 3 hrs to reach to that point. Drive to Tiger point Lonavala was awesome and we had lot of fun. If you have driving freak then this is the right place to visit.

We reached Tiger point Lonavala at 11PM and still roadside and food stalls were open to serve delicious food. Around 11.30PM clouds started kissing the tiger point Lonavala and after sometime we could not see mountains and valleys. In the hot summers we got the opportunity to feel the clouds and very soothing cool breeze. In that cool weather we had Vegetable Maggi along with tea. Frost got deposit all over the car and while returning to that place we were driving in the clouds till the foot of the hill.

Tiger point Lonavala
Tiger point Lonavala

People say the best weather to visit Tiger point Lonavala is during rainy season. But I would suggest you can try this point in summers as well if you are tired of your work and heat waves. Tiger point Lonavala is the best place to relax, to meditate.

Most of the people will say that it is not allowed to go to Tiger’s point lonavala during late hours but it is crap. We also were told not to go to that point after 11PM but we thought of giving it a try and to our surprise we found 50 to 60 people including couples who were enjoying the weather.

All I can I say is that this is the best place to visit and please do not drink and drive and have a safe and happy journey 🙂

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