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Goomo Travel

Birth of Goomo Travel

Goomo Travel is one of the fastest growing travel companies in India. Goomo Travel was a result of the acquisition of Orbit Corporate and Leisure travels pvt ltd. To have a high focus on the fast growing b2c segment, Goomo Travel launched in March 2017. Since its website’s launch the company has seen over 310$ Mn transactions, 100k weekly users and 50 Mn Dollars funding from Emerging India in 2017. Goomo Travel is owned and operated by Goomo Holdings which is Singapore and Mumbai based company.

Goomo Travel
Goomo Travel

Mission and Vision

As per Varun Gupta who is Chief Executive of the company, Goomo’s aim is to be an omni channel platform which will facilitate bookings across offline and online channels. Also it will be open for consumer and corporate travel.

The company has a very unique logo which depicts two things (as per their website):
1. The two O’s in their form an ‘infinity sign’ which actually resembles endless possibilities in travel.
2. An elephant represented by the ‘MO’ signifies elephants as they are considered to be wanderers and auspicious & full of wisdom.
With a strong mission in their mind the company is all set to conquer India’s travel space.

Travel Industry in India

India’s travel and tourism industry have been at rank 7 in terms of contributing to GDP. But the potential this industry has is massive and majority of this has still remains untapped. With an impressive growth in the last couple of years the travel industry is all set to break records.

Not only this technology has also found its feet in this industry. It is constantly eveolving and people as compared with ease of using this technoology are at diffrent stages when compare to adopting it.


To ensure that they start leveraging the technology right from the strt, Goomo travel invesyted in quicker and more efficient acceptance of latest standards.

The competition int his unorganized industry has been increasing constantly. With its eyes all set to become one of the country’s top travel company , Goomo has started taking efficient and effective steps to make sure that they reach the top. One of the key factor to reach that level of success would be adding value to customers and providing a consistent user experience.

“We aim to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to travel” – as quoted on their website

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