Dzukou valley best time to visit

dzukou valley best time to visit

Bored of you routine work. Wondering what are the things that can give the most satisfaction and relief? Isn’t it? Then this blog for Dzukou valley best time to visit will help you. The other day I was also going through the same phase. This lead me to search for the places where I can visit. This helped me to know about a place called “Dzukou Valley”, the valley of flowers and beautiful landscapes.

The next question that came was “dzukou valley best time to visit”. I searched about it and found the below details.

dzukou valley best time to visit
dzukou valley best time to visit

Dzukou Valley is located in Nagaland which is also called as “Switzerland of East India”. Somewhere around 25 km to the south of Kohima. You can pick the souvenirs for you family and relatives from the shops at the city center.  Souvenirs like local handicraft and textiles. You can also explore the typical Nagaland cuisine of dried pork, steam bamboo fish and more.

Located at an altitude of 2450 meters, it is also considered as one of the best place adventure spots. The Valley is mostly visited when the 100s of botanical flowers bloom in the air. It is mostly predominated by bamboo brush and wild flowers spread across the valley just like a beautiful and colorful carpet.

If you a nature lover and outdoorsmen, then you can spend time exploring the 3-4 km steep climb trek into this paradise. There are wider option like – a 17 km trek from Dzukou to Viswema Village which will take around 5-6 hours. Also 15 km trek from Dzukou valley to Zakhama which will take around 3-4 hours. There are shelters made all over the way of trek where you can take rest. Delight yourself with the greenery all around.  Local guides and porters can also be hired. However the trek pathway is well paved with the number of signboard all over the way.

How to reach Dzukou Valley ?

To get to the Dzukou Valley, you can either take a local bus or can hire a cab from Kohima to Viswema Village or Zakhama. Otherwise you can take a cab which will take you around 20-25 min. You need not require to take any special permission to enter the valley. A Rs. 30 ticket is charged per person.

Other than trek there are various other things to explore in Dzukou Valley like the following. Catholic Cathedral, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary and Kisama Heritage Village. You can also visit Kohima Botanical Garden, Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Zoo, Nagaland State Museum and Shilloi Lake.

Dzukou Valley best time to visit :

Dzukou Valley best time to visit is June to September. During that time you will be able to the see the beauty at its peak. During that time it’s going to be the monsoon over there.

If you are not a big fan of monsoon season then Dzukou Valley best time to visit is from October to Feb. As the weather will be gentle and there will be a sufficient time to explore each part of the place.

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