Cola Beach Goa – The ‘Love’ Found in GOA

cola-beach goa

Some Gyaan about one of Goa’s unexplored beach, Cola Beach Goa.

Passion and Google maps, is all you need to explore far off unexplored places of Goa

And the journey begins…..

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Goa’? Beaches, parties, shacks, churches after every 2 kms. Scooties all around with non localities trying their best to follow the traffic rules. All sorts of cuisines is all I can think of Goa before I have been there in last December. And let me tell you it’s way more than all these adjectives.

A wave of madness and craziness blow across the state during its season time. Madness on roads, on beaches, in the clubs, every restaurant you eat at. Craziness in Clubs and on the beaches is common but one can party in Goa on the road itself. Different theme parties are a routine there (the one I came across was headphone party at Palolem beach). You’ll actually find a heavy traffic jam on the streets at one in the morning. And all the cops are busy managing the traffic and keeping peace on the streets. It seems that the policewala’s  in Goa have a leisurely day time and their duty starts after 10 in the night.

Cola Beach Goa
Cola Beach Goa

Anyways, I am not going to tell what you all already know. Here I am to tell you the ‘Love’ that I found in Goa. And let me caution you! You cannot feel the beauty of this ‘Love’ in words unless you find it yourself……

This is ‘Love’….

Yes I am in love…I can call it love. The nature has bestowed its pristine beauty on Goa and yes I am in love with that. And this soft corner is for the ‘Cola Beach Goa’ India which is 10 km away from the highly commercialized Palolem beach in South Goa. How to reach there?

Way to Cola Beach Goa

Ride to the cliff through a narrow passage using your Google maps or you can ask directions from the locals. Remember you have to take left from the Chhatai Yoga board. At one point you will feel you are going on some jungle safari but don’t loose hope. At the cliff there is a provision for paragliding (try your hands on that too to experience the thrill and fun of flying over the deep blue sea). You need to park your scooty at the cliff itself. From there trek down the hill for 10-15 mins to reach the heaven, ‘Cola Beach Goa’, one of the unexplored beaches in Goa India.

The Cola Beach has a unique feature which no other beach has. A lagoon runs through the beach which adds to the beauty of the beach. You can relax, play, swim in the water, enjoy your sun bath, try your hands at kayaking, (to be mention) view the most beautiful sunset there and admire God’s beautiful creation.

So if you are willing to spend some quality time away from the city’s crowded environment, this is the place for you. To make your stay comfortable, there are cottages, tents and the only restaurant on the beach, though the prices are skyrocketing during the season (a 200 ml bottle of Coke costs me 30 bucks). Nevertheless, you can take out time and commute from nearby Palolem beach (you will find affordable shacks and cottages here) to relax at Cola Beach Goa.

Despite of its beauty and quietness, Cola beach Goa is hidden from Indians as 99% people there were foreigners (this 1% includes the hotel staff and people like me). At the end I would like to reiterate my words, “You cannot feel the beauty of this beach in words unless you find it yourself……

After my recent visit to the beach in December 2017 i found the beach to be the same as it was back in 2015. It is still one of the calmest beaches of South Goa. It still has the sweet backwater which has dried up a little bit. Kayaking is only available in season time i.e. from October till February.

After my conversation with a localite there, i was told that the cola beach beach is still visited mostly by foreigners from across the globe.

I tried to put in words whatever I have explored. Hope this will be helpful to all the travelers like me.

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