Best beaches in South Goa

Every one must have heard about the most happening beaches of North Goa, but if one is carried away with their very strong magnetic attraction, one may never ever get to see the soothing and calm beaches in South Goa.

According to the stats almost 90% of the travelers who visit South Goa beaches find these beaches exceptionally good than their counterparts in North Goa. What is their in South Goa that attracts people as if a gravitational force exists?

Here we present all the reasons that will help you to know more about best Beaches in South Goa, where to stay, what to do and also get to know the unexplored ones.

Best beaches in South Goa
Best beaches in South Goa

Here is a list of Best beaches in South Goa that you would love to visit.

1. Cola Beach
2. Butterfly Beach
3. Honeymoon Island
4. Palolem Beach
5. Majorda Beach
6. Agonda Beach

Where to stay?
Guys if someone tells you that you won’t get a shack or hotel room in peak seasons in South Goa, tell them to bugger off. Beaches in south Goa will always welcome you to have a pleasant stay there throughout the year and that too at an economical prize.

Things to do in South Goa
If you are wandering what to do next in South Goa after booking your lodge, things are just endless. Go for kayaking at Palolem Beach and visit the unexplored beache near to it, Butterfly beach and honeymoon island. Kayaking doesn’t look an easy to do thing. But trust me, once you do it you would love to do it twice thrice and so on.

You can visit Heaven in Goa, COLA BEACH and you will be overwhelmed with the view and the famous lagoon it has. It will be like as if you are not in India. It is not so difficult to reach there, for directions click on given link: COLA BEACH.

Water sports is also in store for guys who want to try. Headphone parties will absolutely change the mindset you had for the parties you visited in North Goa and this will altogether be the most excellent experience one can ever have in Goa.
Don’t miss the quality of sea food you get there.

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