Best beaches in South Goa

Every one must have heard about the most happening beaches of North Goa, but if one is carried away with their very strong magnetic attraction, one may never ever get to see the soothing and calm beaches in South Goa.

According to the stats almost 90% of the travelers who visit South Goa beaches find these beaches exceptionally good than their counterparts in North Goa. What is their in South Goa that attracts people as if a gravitational force exists?

Here we present all the reasons that will help you to know more about best Beaches in South Goa, where to stay, what to do and also get to know the unexplored ones.

Best beaches in South Goa
Best beaches in South Goa

Here is a list of Best beaches in South Goa that you would love to visit.

1. Cola Beach
2. Butterfly Beach
3. Honeymoon Island
4. Palolem Beach
5. Majorda Beach
6. Agonda Beach

Where to stay?
Guys if someone tells you that you won’t get a shack or hotel room in peak seasons in South Goa, tell them to bugger off. Beaches in south Goa will always welcome you to have a pleasant stay there throughout the year and that too at an economical prize.

Things to do in South Goa
If you are wandering what to do next in South Goa after booking your lodge, things are just endless. Go for kayaking at Palolem Beach and visit the unexplored beache near to it, Butterfly beach and honeymoon island. Kayaking doesn’t look an easy to do thing. But trust me, once you do it you would love to do it twice thrice and so on.

You can visit Heaven in Goa, COLA BEACH and you will be overwhelmed with the view and the famous lagoon it has. It will be like as if you are not in India. It is not so difficult to reach there, for directions click on given link: COLA BEACH.

Water sports is also in store for guys who want to try. Headphone parties will absolutely change the mindset you had for the parties you visited in North Goa and this will altogether be the most excellent experience one can ever have in Goa.
Don’t miss the quality of sea food you get there.

Dzukou valley best time to visit

Bored of you routine work. Wondering what are the things that can give the most satisfaction and relief? Isn’t it? Then this blog for Dzukou valley best time to visit will help you. The other day I was also going through the same phase. This lead me to search for the places where I can visit. This helped me to know about a place called “Dzukou Valley”, the valley of flowers and beautiful landscapes.

The next question that came was “dzukou valley best time to visit”. I searched about it and found the below details.

dzukou valley best time to visit
dzukou valley best time to visit

Dzukou Valley is located in Nagaland which is also called as “Switzerland of East India”. Somewhere around 25 km to the south of Kohima. You can pick the souvenirs for you family and relatives from the shops at the city center.  Souvenirs like local handicraft and textiles. You can also explore the typical Nagaland cuisine of dried pork, steam bamboo fish and more.

Located at an altitude of 2450 meters, it is also considered as one of the best place adventure spots. The Valley is mostly visited when the 100s of botanical flowers bloom in the air. It is mostly predominated by bamboo brush and wild flowers spread across the valley just like a beautiful and colorful carpet.

If you a nature lover and outdoorsmen, then you can spend time exploring the 3-4 km steep climb trek into this paradise. There are wider option like – a 17 km trek from Dzukou to Viswema Village which will take around 5-6 hours. Also 15 km trek from Dzukou valley to Zakhama which will take around 3-4 hours. There are shelters made all over the way of trek where you can take rest. Delight yourself with the greenery all around.  Local guides and porters can also be hired. However the trek pathway is well paved with the number of signboard all over the way.

How to reach Dzukou Valley ?

To get to the Dzukou Valley, you can either take a local bus or can hire a cab from Kohima to Viswema Village or Zakhama. Otherwise you can take a cab which will take you around 20-25 min. You need not require to take any special permission to enter the valley. A Rs. 30 ticket is charged per person.

Other than trek there are various other things to explore in Dzukou Valley like the following. Catholic Cathedral, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary and Kisama Heritage Village. You can also visit Kohima Botanical Garden, Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Zoo, Nagaland State Museum and Shilloi Lake.

Dzukou Valley best time to visit :

Dzukou Valley best time to visit is June to September. During that time you will be able to the see the beauty at its peak. During that time it’s going to be the monsoon over there.

If you are not a big fan of monsoon season then Dzukou Valley best time to visit is from October to Feb. As the weather will be gentle and there will be a sufficient time to explore each part of the place.

How to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry

You should know how to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry, if you are searching for a getaway in Maharashtra that is near to Mumbai ? Are you a person that loves going down the history lane ? Are you looking for a perfect historic point which is not too far from Mumbai ?

Murud Janira is the place you are looking for. It was built in 17th century by Malik Ambar. It is believed that it had some 500 canons at that time and a few of them still exists. Janjira is basically an Arabic name which means island. As the name goes by it is covered with water on all sides.

You would be surprised to know why this fort wast built. It had a noble cause of protecting its people from thieves and pirates.  The fort has a height of around 40 feet and is surrounded by very high walls on all the sides. An amazing fact about Murud Janjira is that even after repetitive attacks it remained unconquered for more then 350 years. The fort was attacked by many invaders but it stood the test of times. Murud janjira had all beautiful points that you may want to see. As an history enthusiast you may like the beautiful water tanks and stone sculptures. It is said that not even the great Shivaji was able to conquer the fort.

How to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry

How to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry

The fort can be reached by boats which starts form Rajapuri base village. In fact if you want to know on How to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry. The best possible way would be via the sea route. If you want it to be fun filled and want to select the most taken route then go for it. You can take ferry / speed boats from gateway of India to the Mandwa jetty area. From that you can take bus service that will directly take you to Murud.

A few tips from our side before you search more about on How to reach Murud janjira from Mumbai by ferry:

  • Water is not available there so its better you take your own bottles before your reach the island.
  • The best time to visit this place is from October to March.
  • If you want to stay there you can stay in Murud as there is no accommodation available in the island itself.

Tiger Point Lonavala

About Tiger point Lonavala

Tiger Point Lonavala which is at 650m height. It is also know as Tigers’s leap by most of the foreigners offers an amazing view of greenery. It is also know for lakes, waterfalls and forests which are surrounded by the mountain. Now you must be thinking as to why it is named as Tiger’s point…..any guess?????

I am sure you must be right and you must be thinking that it definitely must be resembling a tiger or surrounded by tigers. Yesss you are correct it actually resembles a tiger’s shape and that is why it got its name. A place well known for the monsoon season. Trust me if you visit the place you will be spell bounded by the peace and coolness it has during nights. With the clouds passing over your head and it feels like you are in heaven. Also, with the minimum visibility of what you see during night.

Things to do at Tiger point Lonavala

Recently, I got lucky to travel to this place after getting a leave from my busy schedule in office. I went there along with my friends and visited Tiger Point Lonavala. Around 11.00 PM we reached and it took 30 mins for us to reach Tiger Point Lonavala from Khandala. And if you are coming from Pune then it will take 3 hrs to reach to that point. Drive to Tiger point Lonavala was awesome and we had lot of fun. If you have driving freak then this is the right place to visit.

We reached Tiger point Lonavala at 11PM and still roadside and food stalls were open to serve delicious food. Around 11.30PM clouds started kissing the tiger point Lonavala and after sometime we could not see mountains and valleys. In the hot summers we got the opportunity to feel the clouds and very soothing cool breeze. In that cool weather we had Vegetable Maggi along with tea. Frost got deposit all over the car and while returning to that place we were driving in the clouds till the foot of the hill.

Tiger point Lonavala
Tiger point Lonavala

People say the best weather to visit Tiger point Lonavala is during rainy season. But I would suggest you can try this point in summers as well if you are tired of your work and heat waves. Tiger point Lonavala is the best place to relax, to meditate.

Most of the people will say that it is not allowed to go to Tiger’s point lonavala during late hours but it is crap. We also were told not to go to that point after 11PM but we thought of giving it a try and to our surprise we found 50 to 60 people including couples who were enjoying the weather.

All I can I say is that this is the best place to visit and please do not drink and drive and have a safe and happy journey 🙂

Printvenue Coupon Code and Deals

Why Printvenue Coupon Code

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printvenue coupon code
printvenue coupon code

Why Printvenue

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The company has also launched its operations outside India (Singapore and Australia)

Goomo Travel – Deals and Coupons

Birth of Goomo Travel

Goomo Travel is one of the fastest growing travel companies in India. Goomo Travel was a result of the acquisition of Orbit Corporate and Leisure travels pvt ltd. To have a high focus on the fast growing b2c segment, Goomo Travel launched in March 2017. Since its website’s launch the company has seen over 310$ Mn transactions, 100k weekly users and 50 Mn Dollars funding from Emerging India in 2017. Goomo Travel is owned and operated by Goomo Holdings which is Singapore and Mumbai based company.

Goomo Travel
Goomo Travel

Mission and Vision

As per Varun Gupta who is Chief Executive of the company, Goomo’s aim is to be an omni channel platform which will facilitate bookings across offline and online channels. Also it will be open for consumer and corporate travel.

The company has a very unique logo which depicts two things (as per their website):
1. The two O’s in their form an ‘infinity sign’ which actually resembles endless possibilities in travel.
2. An elephant represented by the ‘MO’ signifies elephants as they are considered to be wanderers and auspicious & full of wisdom.
With a strong mission in their mind the company is all set to conquer India’s travel space.

Travel Industry in India

India’s travel and tourism industry have been at rank 7 in terms of contributing to GDP. But the potential this industry has is massive and majority of this has still remains untapped. With an impressive growth in the last couple of years the travel industry is all set to break records.

Not only this technology has also found its feet in this industry. It is constantly eveolving and people as compared with ease of using this technoology are at diffrent stages when compare to adopting it.


To ensure that they start leveraging the technology right from the strt, Goomo travel invesyted in quicker and more efficient acceptance of latest standards.

The competition int his unorganized industry has been increasing constantly. With its eyes all set to become one of the country’s top travel company , Goomo has started taking efficient and effective steps to make sure that they reach the top. One of the key factor to reach that level of success would be adding value to customers and providing a consistent user experience.

“We aim to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to travel” – as quoted on their website

Giftease Coupons and Deals

Giftease is an ecommerce company started in 2012. It is specially designed to deliver gifts to your loved ones. With the company’s aim of “making giving gifts as delightful as receiving them” they have an exclusive collection of items. These items are available on their online store. The ease they bring in selecting a personalized gift for someone special is really to be praised. The specialty they bring in regarding whole range of gift items can be easily felt when you will visit their website.

Also whenever in doubt Giftease also provides you whole set of options / recommendations from which you can select. The range of products at Giftease is such that you would find products / gifts for each and every occasion that you may want to celebrate.

giftease-latest-coupons deals
Giftease-latest-coupons deals

Why prefer Giftease ?

One common problem people generally face when buying gifts for their dear ones is how to wrap the gift. This website provides easy gift wrapping facility with many available choices. Not only this you can also time your gift by fixing the delivery date which is also an area of concern when you buy gifts online. They have a huge focus on customer care by giving their customer that WOW feeling each and every time they buy / gift someone.

As per the categories available you can shop from this website easily. You can gift from a wide range of categories like Chocolates, home lifestyle. Also you can buy electronics, flowers, jewelry, indoor plants, men and women fashion. The list does not end here you can also buy from a huge collection of kids toys and accessories. Along with this can also provide gift cards.

We at couponlootera try to bring in the best deals and offers for you so that you can get the deals at Giftease at best prices.

Cola Beach Goa – The ‘Love’ Found in GOA

Some Gyaan about one of Goa’s unexplored beach, Cola Beach Goa.

Passion and Google maps, is all you need to explore far off unexplored places of Goa

And the journey begins…..

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Goa’? Beaches, parties, shacks, churches after every 2 kms. Scooties all around with non localities trying their best to follow the traffic rules. All sorts of cuisines is all I can think of Goa before I have been there in last December. And let me tell you it’s way more than all these adjectives.

A wave of madness and craziness blow across the state during its season time. Madness on roads, on beaches, in the clubs, every restaurant you eat at. Craziness in Clubs and on the beaches is common but one can party in Goa on the road itself. Different theme parties are a routine there (the one I came across was headphone party at Palolem beach). You’ll actually find a heavy traffic jam on the streets at one in the morning. And all the cops are busy managing the traffic and keeping peace on the streets. It seems that the policewala’s  in Goa have a leisurely day time and their duty starts after 10 in the night.

Cola Beach Goa
Cola Beach Goa

Anyways, I am not going to tell what you all already know. Here I am to tell you the ‘Love’ that I found in Goa. And let me caution you! You cannot feel the beauty of this ‘Love’ in words unless you find it yourself……

This is ‘Love’….

Yes I am in love…I can call it love. The nature has bestowed its pristine beauty on Goa and yes I am in love with that. And this soft corner is for the ‘Cola Beach Goa’ India which is 10 km away from the highly commercialized Palolem beach in South Goa. How to reach there?

Way to Cola Beach Goa

Ride to the cliff through a narrow passage using your Google maps or you can ask directions from the locals. Remember you have to take left from the Chhatai Yoga board. At one point you will feel you are going on some jungle safari but don’t loose hope. At the cliff there is a provision for paragliding (try your hands on that too to experience the thrill and fun of flying over the deep blue sea). You need to park your scooty at the cliff itself. From there trek down the hill for 10-15 mins to reach the heaven, ‘Cola Beach Goa’, one of the unexplored beaches in Goa India.

The Cola Beach has a unique feature which no other beach has. A lagoon runs through the beach which adds to the beauty of the beach. You can relax, play, swim in the water, enjoy your sun bath, try your hands at kayaking, (to be mention) view the most beautiful sunset there and admire God’s beautiful creation.

So if you are willing to spend some quality time away from the city’s crowded environment, this is the place for you. To make your stay comfortable, there are cottages, tents and the only restaurant on the beach, though the prices are skyrocketing during the season (a 200 ml bottle of Coke costs me 30 bucks). Nevertheless, you can take out time and commute from nearby Palolem beach (you will find affordable shacks and cottages here) to relax at Cola Beach Goa.

Despite of its beauty and quietness, Cola beach Goa is hidden from Indians as 99% people there were foreigners (this 1% includes the hotel staff and people like me). At the end I would like to reiterate my words, “You cannot feel the beauty of this beach in words unless you find it yourself……

After my recent visit to the beach in December 2017 i found the beach to be the same as it was back in 2015. It is still one of the calmest beaches of South Goa. It still has the sweet backwater which has dried up a little bit. Kayaking is only available in season time i.e. from October till February.

After my conversation with a localite there, i was told that the cola beach beach is still visited mostly by foreigners from across the globe.

I tried to put in words whatever I have explored. Hope this will be helpful to all the travelers like me.